The sign of a well-kept lawn.

Lawn Services

Lawn Care and Maintenance Services

Mowing & Trimming Lawns

Front, back and side yard service is provided by trained and experienced crews using maintained professional equipment. Regular service includes the use of 21" grass mulching mowers, line trim areas mowers do not reach, blade edging and power blowing.

Core Aeration

Removes and displaces quarter-sized plugs of soil that reach 2"- 4" deep. Power Aeration opens the soil to allow water, air and nutrients to promote healthier, deeper & drought resistant roots.

Fertilization & Weed Control

Our program consists of 7 treatments per year. Four weed control and 3 season specific fertilizers to THICKEN your lawn & choke out weeds. Maintaining control of your lawn requires ongoing service.


Removal of old dead grass and thatch layer. Allows water, air and fertilizer to reach the roots of the lawn.

Seasonal Color Changes

Texas climate allows us to have up to three color changes a year. We are skilled in plant selection, color selection, plant lay out, and maintaining your color beds.

Flower Bed Maintenance

Usually, monthly scheduled service to maintain your landscaping.

Shrub Trimming

Trimming or thinning of your trees, shrubs, bushes or ground cover.

Bark Mulching

Adding new mulch to your landscaping can help retain valuable moisture during these Texas droughts. Also deters some insects.

Additional services available:

Landscaping Services

Tree Care Services

Lighting Services